Message From Dept Head 

Message from Dept Head, World University Business Administration Department, Department of Business Administration


( Ph.D. from Soonchunhyang University - South Korea)

Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Public Health of World University of Bangladesh (WUB). This is a new endeavor of the University to accomplish the mission of the University to impart meaningful change in the society and lead the way in new frontier in national advancement. It proudly complements the core of the university mission and vision by providing utilitarian education with highest level of excellence.

The department of Biomedical Engineering and Public Health is committed to foster new leadership and change makers in the health care sector by producing competent and one of the best Biomedical Engineers and Public Health specialists in their respective field. Our curriculum and program design gives highest importance to instill the sense of responsibility and commitment to the betterment of the society as whole.

Although a new department, it boasts a panel of highly qualified teaching professionals and the program has been very carefully designed to ensure highest level of standard in academic curriculum, state of the art knowledge and teaching learning environment. The program is designed to accommodate the new graduates in Medical Science, Biological Science or Social Science as well as the veteran professionals in clinical field, health organization or any other healthcare providing organization. The program aims to create leadership in health sector, broaden the scope of health service activities with the blend of systemic approach to the health alongside the patient-centric traditional clinical approach. The department is committed to revamp the healthcare service by enabling the healthcare professionals to guide the care receiver with economic micromanagement to make the health service more affordable and accessible.

The program is highly flexible in its teaching learning strategy and offers blended learning opportunity employing both online and offline class and assessment options. WUB boasts one of the best blended learning environment and infrastructures in Bangladesh and student enjoy a highly flexible, resourceful and quality learning experience. In service professionals can very easily enroll and commit for the program and experience a state-of-the-art academic involvement.

The Masters of Public Health program at World University of Bangladesh prepares students to influence and transform lives. At WUB we uphold a strong commitment to ensure public health that affects people and societies globally, especially in the wake of the pandemic ravaged world. Our cutting-edge approach results in a innovative model of public health education, empowering the graduates to examine pressing challenges encountered by the modern society and design productive solutions for them.

The rigorous curriculum prepares students to become leading public health problems with multidisciplinary, evidence based approaches. During the program, students interact with highly skilled and proficient public health educator. The MPH program is mostly online based and can be very easily accomplished by a person already engaged in a profession of relevant field with minimal physical engagement. The course is heavily focused on formative learning strategy making the course burden evenly distributed throughout the semester and avoiding complication for the end of the semester overburden.

After successful completion of the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Bangladesh has embark on a mission to eclipse its success in full filling the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), many of which has its core focus on the public health, society, and environment. In Biomedical Engineering and Public Health department we are committed to foster new leader for this purpose. Our graduates will be the standard bearer to reach Bangladesh to the next level envisioned by our State Leaders.

I would, once again, like to invite prospective post-graduate students to join our department and experience a life changing and carrier changing endeavor.